Our profile

     The history of the company begins in 2016, when a private entrepreneur decided to expand his business and conduct activities in the format of a company (LLC).
In 2016 the decision was documented and a new ambitious company “BH.RU BI HAPPY” LLC appeared on the market of wholesale of auto parts and non-hazardous waste in Russia.
Thanks to our experience, managerial qualities and reliable contractors the company actively developed and in 2018 cooperation with our foreign contractors led us to the decision to expand our business abroad. Our new goal is to do business in the EU and to open a branch office in Poland.
     Our company aims to provide the best services of a wholesale supplier of automotive parts, components and accessories. In addition, we want to provide services for which there is a demand in Poland, such as cleaning and construction services.
Opening a branch in the EU is a logical decision to increase competitiveness, as well as to optimize business processes within the company and in interaction with counterparties.
     The activity of the branch in Poland is an organic continuation of the main activity of the company. We intend to develop new markets and expand our client base.


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