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Construction services

Electrical installations

Starting from small repairs such as replacement of sockets, installation of ceiling lamps, to more time-consuming work as performing new electrical installations in accordance with the conditions of connection of the electrical network. We repair drilled wires, we muffle electric cables. Work is done efficiently and on site, thanks to the fact that we have our own equipment.

Plumbing, sanitary installation, housing

Bathroom in each house is a special place – because in it we begin and end the day. So we want its interior has a climate that gives us energy in the morning for the day, and in the evening provides relaxation before bedtime. We also want to use the bathroom comfortably and have at hand cosmetics and various items needed during and after bathing.

Therefore, in many houses and apartments, the bathroom is transformed into an exquisite, carefully decorated bathing salon, consuming a significant part of the budget allocated for furnishings. The more spacious the bathroom is, the easier it is to arrange it so that it is both impressive and comfortable. However, regardless of its size, the arrangement of the necessary sanitary appliances, furniture and other equipment always requires a lot of attention.

Tiling, terracotta

Ceramic tiles are very aesthetic and durable, resistant to abrasion and easy to maintain. They add extra character to interiors, and the design is huge. The visual effect consists primarily of proper surface preparation, selection of materials and careful workmanship. Proper installation of both wall and floor tiles and well-placed grout are our strengths. We have the appropriate qualifications and experience. We are happy to provide assistance and extensive technical advice.


Our company specializes in performing comprehensive services in the installation of wooden and laminated floors as well as internal and external doors. All installation work is carried out by installers with many years of professional experience, who are constantly improving their qualifications. We work only with professional equipment, which guarantees the performance of work at a very high level.

Assembly works

Our installation teams have many years of experience, so that the installation is carried out quickly and professionally. We install doors, windows, roof windows, window sills and other woodwork. in Warsaw and the surrounding area, in apartments, houses, businesses, public places, including kindergartens, schools and offices. We try to adjust the time of door installation to your possibilities.

Plasterboard, painting

Gypsum boards
We offer you false ceilings and build-ins made of gypsum-cardboard panels. This is a modern, decorative and durable finishing of interiors, giving them the right character. Orders are tailored individually to customer needs. We select the right frame for assembly, we prepare the structure to which we mount the panels. We undertake the execution of any, even the most unusual projects. We guarantee a solid performance and aesthetic finish.

Buildings made of gypsum cardboard panels, partition walls, lowered ceilings or shelves are extremely aesthetic and practical. It is a modern way to improve the appearance of the interior and give it a proper character. Suspended ceilings add prestige to every interior, at the same time allowing to hide flaws of existing ceilings. The use of bevels, arcades and arches greatly diversify the interior. In built-up areas you can hide installation wires, water installation or central heating pipes.

It has been known for ages that a good colouring of rooms not only allows to give an excellent effect to the interior, but it can also hide flaws of the room. When choosing a paint, it is worth taking into account its durability and properties, resistance to dirt and washing, application. This will make it much easier to care for the wall in the future and its future refreshing. We offer you our help in paint selection, in accordance with room use, density, covering power and we will match a paint with appropriate vapour-permeability.

Masonry and demolition works

You want to stay in a well renovated room. What matters is the accuracy of workmanship, smoothness of walls, maintaining angles, colors suitable for the space and lighting, good material and professionals who will undertake the task. We operate in the renovation market for many years, we have experience and appropriate skills. We undertake complex renovations for both companies and individual clients. We use technology combining new and traditional solutions.



BH.RU’ catalyst purchase department consists of a reliable and trustworthy team. As professionals, we are competent partners. Our experts assist both large enterprises and smaller companies. Clients benefit from the advantages of regular cooperation and our many years of experience. We have all the permits and certificates to collect catalytic converters. Our team classifies catalytic converters according to clear, comprehensible criteria. We accept not only catalysts with ceramic inserts, but also catalysts with metal inserts and ceramic monolith.


We buy ceramic monolith either whole, in powder or in pieces.

The ceramic monolith is simply a block of material that fits inside the housing of our catalytic converter. It forms the heart of the device. It is extremely valuable, due to the fact that it contains in its honeycomb structure, precious metals such as platinum, palladium or rhodium. On the market we can find monoliths consisting of one dominant precious metal or mixed versions. It would seem that valuation of a monolith of unknown origin without a numbered case is not possible. However, a professional buy-side such as ours is able to make a precise analysis of the monolith’s composition and thus a reliable valuation, thanks to the use of appropriate technology.


Apart from ceramic catalysts, metal catalysts are also used in many branches of industry. The process of valuation of catalysts with metal inserts begins with the classification of the delivered goods. Popular metal catalysts are calculated piece by piece. Other catalysts are segregated into groups – each group has its own price. After weighing each group the total amount to be paid is calculated.


The transaction is documented with a VAT invoice and a waste transfer card with process R12 (processes R1 to R11). Each time we issue a goods receipt card, a calculation report, a laboratory test report, a price calculation for a monolith and a confirmation of sale with product specification, quantities and prices. Additionally, we issue such documents as CMR and Annex VII. We pay out money in the currency of your choice – PLN, EUR or USD:

  • by a quick transfer to a specified bank account directly at the transaction;
  • in cash on the spot at our company’s headquarters on the day of delivery.


Customer satisfaction is most important to us. We treat everyone as an individual, we advise everyone and offer individual solutions. In everyday work of our suppliers knowledge about current prices is indispensable, that is why we make our database with pictures of thousands types of catalysts available in the form of:

  • current price list PDF sent cyclically by e-mail;
  • tablet with dedicated application for catalysts valuation.

We buy wholesale catalysts from companies. For private persons we are willing to help to find a partner for individual sale. Our position on the market proves that we have professional and honest approach to customer service. We know that only a satisfied customer will return to us again.

Cleaning serviсes

Commercial Cleaning Services

Cleaning in the marketplace is not without its challenges, especially when it comes to local regulations and “right to work” employees. Transparency and compliance are essential to meeting regulatory requirements. We focus on what is important to our clients and make sure their site always reaches its full potential.

Our goal is to provide the best possible cleaning standards for commercial spaces. Our Company has extensive experience in cleaning such facilities. We know how to provide excellent and professional services. By using cleaning schedules that are individually tailored to the needs of each site, we work in an intelligent way to ensure the best standards.
The Company’s enthusiastic and reliable teams have been involved in many commercial cleaning projects. Our intelligent cleaning systems for these spaces have been developed with the customer in mind and are effective, efficient and thoughtful.

Commercial space cleaning is unique to each client and each location. The company will make a reasonable effort to thoroughly understand each client’s space requirements. The environment and services required may vary, but our focus is invariably on professional results at each job site. This is achieved by listening to our clients and implementing effective cleaning schedules to suit their requirements.

Data Center Cleaning Services

The sensitive nature of data centers requires specialized cleaning services and equipment… Our Company provides both.

You can discuss your requirements with us knowing that we have the expertise to provide the cleanest and safest IT environment. Whether it’s an initial cleaning or a full cleaning program, we will tailor our services to you.

A data center is a collection of valuable information and valuable equipment. Our data center cleaning services will ensure you get the best possible cleaning of these sensitive IT areas. We also clean them during the construction and pre-commissioning stages.

It’s important to keep your data center clean and free of debris, as this ensures it runs smoothly on a daily basis.We use state-of-the-art technology and specialized, anti-static equipment to clean and protect your IT infrastructure.

Teamwork is essential when it comes to cleaning sensitive hardware environments. Our specialist teams are friendly and flexible. That’s why our staff works in partnership with you and your business needs.

Industrial Cleaning Services

We have had the opportunity to work on numerous industrial facilities at every stage of construction, from construction to building commissioning and beyond.

Our teams of professionals are knowledgeable in construction law, which is used effectively during new projects.
Our staff is fully prepared to work on site and meet all client and contractor requirements. We also ensure that we complete the job within the agreed time frame, regardless of the requirements placed on us.

Cleaning industrial or commercial spaces is a challenging task. We have extensive experience in this area, having worked in as many as eight different countries, so we can use this expertise to provide a clean and safe workplace for our clients.

We understand that a construction site is a unique environment. That’s why we offer customized cleaning service schedules, tailored to your time frame, throughout each phase of your project. We offer flexible cleaning service packages and hours to suit your needs.

In order to provide a clean and safe workplace for you, your employees and subcontractors, we focus on teamwork. We believe that teamwork is a core value of any business, and as your cleaning partner, we ensure that we work in partnership with you and your teams.

Office Cleaning Services

It’s obvious to us that your office space should always look clean and presentable.
We will work with you to plan a customized cleaning schedule for your business. Our hiring processes ensure that all of our employees are properly trained and have the necessary paperwork. This provides our clients with the peace of mind they deserve.

We provide monthly audits to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and compliance. These audits make us accountable for our work and motivate us to perform at our best.

Our Company will listen to you and perform our duties according to your needs. This means that we may work during or outside of business hours and at a frequency deemed appropriate for your business. If you feel that a particular product or equipment is not appropriate for your office, we will find and use alternatives.

Commercial cleaning

We work with many well known brands. There are many challenges involved in cleaning commercial spaces. One of them is meeting local labor regulations. Transparency of operations and compliance are essential to meet all legal requirements. We focus on what is important to our clients and strive to ensure that their premises always reach their full potential.

The four pillars of commercial cleaning services
As a cleaning service provider, our Company will develop a customized schedule for you to ensure that your customers have a positive first impression and the most compelling shopping experience possible. We also provide daily and monthly audits to ensure the highest standards of cleanliness and compliance.

Teamwork is a core value for us, so we take your work culture into consideration. Establishing a partnership with your team always leads to a productive working relationship.

House cleaning

We perform house cleaning for private individuals, companies that own business houses as well as for public administration or diplomatic corps deployed.

Our company performs cleaning of houses professionally at your convenience, either in the presence of the client or in the absence of the residents of the house so as not to disturb their leisure time. On request, we can work out the most convenient schedule of cleaning Warsaw house so that it shines all the time.
We have reputable equipment and top quality means of house cleaning – at the request of our clients, we will equip the house we clean with all the necessary cleaning agents and equipment for cleaning such as: vacuum cleaners, steam cleaners or air humidifiers. Our employees clean houses using bio agents so as not to provoke allergic reactions in your family. At your request we will supply you with your favourite cleaning agents or we will use agents purchased by you.

Kitchen cleaning during house cleaning is one of the most important issues that potential clients ask about – the cleaning company. The kitchen is the fastest soiling area in the home. The fastest soiling of a kitchen is caused by grease and grease during cooking. In the course of cleaning Warsaw houses, we clean kitchens with steam cleaners and dedicated agents, designed for removing grease from household appliances, such as gas hobs, heating plates, ovens, microwave ovens or hoods.

Our company wants all our customers to feel valued and listened to. Each of our teams has participated in training programs on cleaning and customer service. Our people are committed and open-minded. We strive to provide as much satisfying cleaning results as we do excellent customer service.

Cleaning serviсes

Modern equipment and detergents Flexible work schedule, which is adjusted according to customer needs Qualified employees who perform the entire scope of work promptly and qualitatively


Operative cleaning of windows in the apartment, office and shopping center Washing of facades of any buildings Professional cleaning of glass surfaces, including showcases Removal of dirt, glue, dust from frames Cleaning frames and between them Window sills and cornices washing

Construction services

Deep cleaning of upholstery Elimination of divorces and stains Our furniture and carpet cleaning products are completely hypoallergenic and safe for children and animals. Dry cleaning of any product is a complicated process in which it is necessary not only to clean the material well, but also not to damage it. Drying of furniture and carpeting with special equipment
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